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Why PayTouch?
Discover an easier and safer world.


    Biometrics is a technology that uses certain human physical traits to identify a person.

    Each person has biological data that differs from others and makes them unique. The word biometrics comes from 'bios' (life) and 'metron' (measure), --and thus consists of measuring the physical traits of each person.

    Fingerprints are unique, universal, and invariable throughout time. Fingerprints are formed randomly during the development of the fetus, where the lines and ridges are shaped. The process of fingerprint formation is so chaotic, and depends on so many external factors, that the result is never the same. Thus, even twins don't have the same fingerprints.

    It is scientifically proven that the ridges visible on the skin fulfil all the requirements for the identification of a person. Your fingerprints, among other features, make you unique.

  • For its advantages

    Create your account only once and use PayTouch everywhere it is accepted. Whenever you have money available on your linked credit card, you will be able to make purchases: PayTouch does not require recharging (use it whenever you want).

    Feel freer because you don't need to take cash or credit cards with you when you go out, your fingerprints will be sufficient. Use your time for what is really important: pay in less than 5 seconds. Forget about PIN codes and signatures, with PayTouch you are your own security.

  • For its security

    Biometrics systems are the solution to identity theft, because you are identified by your own physical features-- not by a password you must remember or by using a credit card. Fingerprints provide faultless identity verification.

    We use capacitive biometricsensors that determine the color of each pixel, thanks to the fact that air has less capacity than friction ridges. These sensors prevent the use of fake fingers or fingers with no pulse. Thus, we prevent fraudulent use and can extract a high quality fingerprint pattern.

    Multi-modality: we guarantee the reliability of our registration and identification methodas we use two fingerprints in the verification process. Thus, security is increased exponentially.

    Our search algorithm is an evolution of governmental application algorithms. We use identification methods combined with verification methods. We obtain better results because of the redundant searches 1:n and 1:1.

    The PayTouch computer platform is developed with the same technology that banks use for their web applications. Communications are encoded with SSL codifications, of 256 bits (Secure Sockets Layer). Connections are encrypted by AES_256_CBC to identify messages and by DHE_RSA as a mechanism of key exchange. We have a SSL Web Server of Thawte Inc. certification.

    We are regulated and audited according to the Safety Standard 'Payment Card Industry', PCI-DSS Data Security Standard.

    All transactions are verified in real time thanks to our computer gateway. We have a continuous, direct connection with the bank servers.

    Security is one of the pillars of PayTouch, and we are constantly working to develop new improvements to increase security.

    (+) More information about PayTouch security

  • For its bonuses

    Businesses linked to our network offer exclusive advantages to PayTouch users.

    Gain access to discounts, prizes, private access, promotions and so much more-- thanks to your fingerprints, thanks to your PayTouch account. (Advantages are offered directly by the establishments. PayTouch does not set conditions terms and is not responsible for them.)

  • Because it is FREE

    PayTouch is free to all users: you will only pay for what you purchase, without any added commissions from PayTouch.

  • For its transparency

    We offer our users a web platform with various services available 24h a day.

    As a user, you will have personal access to the platform, where you will be able to control
    your transactions, view new establishments linked to PayTouch, access loyalty programs,
    and modify your personal data, linked cards...