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Frequently asked questions
Clarify all your doubts

PayTouch system

What is PayTouch?

PayTouch is a company that has developed an innovative payment system based on credit and debit cards, by means of biometric authentication; in other words, the physical unique features of each person. To identify our Users, among the multiple human markers that exist on the human body, we use the fingerprints of each person, which are unique to every individual.

How does the PayTouch System work?

To execute any payment through the PayTouch System, the User must place his or her fingers (right index and middle finger or left middle and ring finger) on the fingerprint scanner of a PayTouch terminal. When a PayTouch User account is created, with one or more credit/debit cards linked to our system, the payment is then executed through these cards. As the system uses the fingerprints of each User for verification, it is therefore not necessary to input a PIN code or sign a bank receipt.


Why fingerprints?

Fingerprints are unique to each person, and there are no two equal fingerprints. They are part of your body, and therefore they are always with you (you can't forget them anywhere and they can't be stolen). These factors make up a perfect system to identify a person.

Is the system secure?

PayTouch is a system with a very high level of security, due to fingerprint usage as a means of User identification.

Fingerprints are unique to each person. Fingerprint scanners are capacitive, which means that while scanning, a very low electric shock is used to detect pulse and finger ridges, among other parameters. This fact prevents the system from working with photos, fingerprint silicone copies or other materials, or with fingers without pulse. In addition, the PayTouch System works with two fingerprints, which increases security in User recognition.

Associated technology: our system works with the guarantee from the Standard PCI-DSS of international organism PCI (Payment Card Industry). Furthermore, all data transmissions are encoded with SSL of 256 bits and certified by the company Thawte Inc., which specialize in communication security.

How to register

How can I use the PayTouch System?

To use the PayTouch System you need to create a User account in our database. Once created, you can make purchases and enjoy all associated services, by identifying yourself in one of our terminals.

How can I create a User account?

Your User profile should be created at PayTouch Enrollment stations located in associated businesses. You must always go personally because you have to link your fingerprints with your User profile.

What data is required to create a User account?

The data necessary to correctly create a User account is divided into 3 categories:
- Personal data: name and surnames, ID card number, e-mail address,home address, and birth date.
- Bank data: credit card number, expiration date, and CVC code (this is only used once for card verification and this information is not saved)
- Biometrics data: right index and middle fingerprints or left middle and ring fingerprints.

How does it work

How can I view my payments?

All transactions executed by each user are registered in their user profile, and can be requested at any time.

Do users have to pay for this service?

PayTouch is free to all users: you will only pay for what you purchase, without any added commissions from PayTouch.

Why are payments completed by PayTouch listed on my bank statement?

The PayTouch system works by receiving the Users' purchase amounts to manage the delivery of the goods that have been bought, while at the same time paying the seller. In other words, when you make a purchase, the amount is sent to PayTouch, which then delivers it to the business.